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Red - Act I - The Opening
Red: Act I - The Opening
The curtain opens revealing an empty stage to an empty crowd. The whole atrium is completely empty save for the occasional janitor which comes cleaning the left-overs of a time very long gone by for now. In fact, there seems to be no left-overs at all to begin with and the janitors are just casually strolling through. Some suspect they might be dead, though this is yet to be confirmed. The play is called “Red.”
Along comes the first actor of our play, all of him dressed in red satins, bearing a red-feathered hat. His beard is long and crimson too, and his eyes naturally are dancing flame in their sockets. He bows to the crowd which isn’t there and the lone janitor claps and cheers. His colleagues do the same, even if none other than him is there.
“Greetings! I am the Lord of Red Mushrooms! I will be the main actor of your show, my dearest viewers and I will be tonight, the host of your entertainment!” And yet again another bow. The
:iconsygmath:SygmaTh 1 6
The Voodoo Priestess
Come along my little dear, don't be shy
Step right up, you've caught my eye
Don't be intimidated by the arts I weave
It is but another way for the dreams you'll achieve.
So come right in, let's roll the bones
Sing the voodoo chants and all magical stones
I'll be the priestess who will sing your fate
If you'll just linger here 'till the end of our date.
Now come along and don't you stress
Don't you get nervous or you'll just make a mess
I'm here now to help you in life
If you'll just hold a second while I fetch my knife.
Hold on a second now, darling, dear,
What is this stuttering and smell of fear?
It's just a dropplet of blood that I need
And I promise you that enchanted gifts we'll weave.
Don't be scared now, this won't hurt a bit
Hold your arm still while your flesh I slit
So that life may be drained away
And soon we will see what is born today.
Oh don't you know, can't you tell?
That all these arts aren't born in hell!
All the Gods to which you see me pray
Have long gone beyond the
:iconsygmath:SygmaTh 0 6
Snakes and Lies
Come set the snakes loose inside my head
Try as you might you will not see me dead
And you're whining, damn, please stop your crying...
There's little else, hymns, songs, lullabies
Which can return the light to your eyes
And I laugh, wide to the skies
Which open and pour down the rain, drown your cries.
'Cause oh, ask me why
As you cry
As you sigh you do naught but to lie
And I
Sneer and wait.
All that I see, is the devil's posessed who is probably me
But there's no fear of waiting
For all that I see is that you are about to be shot.
All that I know is that you are becoming distraught.
And my heart's pulsing with anticipation
And my breath's pacing with exasperation
for you.
So come, spew your lies
And let the doubt in your mind take the rise
Leaving all the gaps in your thought
And from all the I see in your own web you've been caught.
All that I know is that there is no hope to be brought.
All that I know is I pulse with frustration
That I foresee all lust and flirtation
With this wi
:iconsygmath:SygmaTh 1 23
A portrait of mental health
'Lo and behold those who've crossed this path!
For you to be here, you too must be mad!
So please, please, step right in, you're welcome,
After all, we're one and many, our home!
Oh, the pictures on the wall? All trophies one and all!
No, no, not of those I have killed
Those trophies are silly, unfulfilled!
I'm talking of the wars, yes, which wage in the mind
Which are worse, much worse than 'ny other kind.
Yes, yes, don't you see, the cracks on the wall?
Beyond lies oblivion and sanity's fall!
Me? Crazy? Hah! That's what you'd say
But but, you've not yet seen it my way.
Crazy, I say, is to stay and comform
Swallow, nod and take form
Of a sickening system which mutilates me
Disease ridden and cripples the free!
You! Oh so very sane you are
Locked in yourselves, seeing no stars
Taking no flights, risking no fights.
You see me bound here, do you not?
I care little, there's naught out there but rot.
Today, decay, all goes away
It takes but a slip for it all to stray,
Like sheep who's lost
:iconsygmath:SygmaTh 6 16
The Plague Doctor's Monologue
Please, listen. Well, I know, you always do, you've sat besides me since I can remember. You'd not mind listening to it again, would you? It helps pass the time you know? To be able to speak like this. Night falls. And while it does so, let us spend some together. Allow me to remember with you.
You see, I've always been a physicist. I've been one for as long as I can remember. Well, not one exactly, but an apprentice too. Then later on I became a physicist. It was something I did joyfully and with a fair amount of success. I cherished life and the people that often came to seek my aid relished my support as well. Heh, they were good times. But that too is in the past. It was before the Plague came.
There was little we could do. The Black Death came without warning or sign and it was merciless. We did the best, with whatever resources we had at our hands. There were no incantations however or magic which we could cast, for we are but mortals in a world where reality is harsher than wish
:iconsygmath:SygmaTh 1 34
We're all MAD here.
You can try and kill me now, if you can
I'll assure you here nothing goes as planned.
And you'll find yourself to tear me limb from limb
As dusk settles and our light now goes too dim.
And you'll hear my taunts from a severed head,
It's my presence that you feel inside your bed.
Let my grin haunt you again, for your efforts are in vain
We'll have a blast...
Here you stay, settling for what to do next
Please hurry, the show now is at its best!
And you'll see ash turn to bone
We're all Kings without a Throne,
Come on now, give me the credit of a charge.
I'll let you focus on me all your dearest farse.
Lie now with all your teeth, you're not sane and we do greet
You've gone down fast...
And your words fall down on me from your lips
As locusts, eating me now, the worse of trips.
Fight me harder, it won't hurt and I won't die.
I swear it'll be worth it, if you try.
You'll sell souls to gain terrain,
But it shan't shelter you from rain, you're my repast.
And your blood is the freshest place
:iconsygmath:SygmaTh 0 7
Just to be awkward.
If ever light ceases to shine, then all'd be dark
If ever fire runs cold, then what of our spark?
If ever this should ever come to pass, we'd still last.
Compare the heart shaped bones that are your hips
I prize thy taste of those sweet lips.
Or the feeling of my body in your grip.
My heart is yours alone, I've not given it away
Nor my mind in which you thread all day.
Thy heart I know, is now mine and mine alone
As the shadows that sit on Love's throne.
Then while we sit now here, we ponder
Then when we're done... Dreams and Wonder.
:iconsygmath:SygmaTh 0 4
Crawling in the Dark.
There was a girl, who had a curious spark,
And she was often drawn to what lies in the dark.
But know here, brothers and sisters,
Learn to heed not the unknown whispers!
These will echo and haunt down your mind,
And soon all world will be left behind.
There is but the corner which beckons you near
But if you go then you'll never come here.
Alas I digress with this tale,
Of this little girl now disfigured and pale.
So it was that she saw, through the corner of the eye
A shadow which moved and danced on the sly.
She followed it down, down to the cellar
Where she found a strange and tall fellow.
He invited her in, gave her bread and soup
And when she was done, his hand did the swoop!
Straight to her neck, and he held her high
And she saw the cruelty deep in his eye.
"I am shadow and mist which you have now seen."
He began, with his hideous grin.
"And your life is forfeit, to stay by my side.
We will not part and neither you'll hide.
You will not call for help, nor will you stray."
And aga
:iconsygmath:SygmaTh 2 6
Release me now as well.
I feel the blood that's pumping
Inside my head that's rumbling
As I walk downhill, stumbling
There's something inside me BURNING
And I feel so restless
Despaired and that's best
I feel all the fumes and ire
I want to watch things DIE
Oh but please dear don't cry
I am your wish for a red sky
Why can't we stop this LIE
Oh it pumps and breathes
from the body which it gives
Let us drop now all the masks
I am your wish from ages past
Please, please, I beg you, unleash me
please, come on now, free me
I promise that you'll enjoy with glee
Don't blame me for the results you'll see.
I am all hate you feel
I am all rage and thrill
Come my love, discard now morality
Come now love embrace me finaly.
Let us watch the world burn
Dance to the flames which consume and churn
Look at the world outside
Come dear, let's no longer hide
All the flavours and tastes
of violence, death and hate
Oh please love don't stare as if I were a monster
I've kept you alive more then any other.
That flame that you feel i
:iconsygmath:SygmaTh 1 5
Embrace me Alice.
Oh dear Alice, why such cruelty, why such malice?
This dementia and madness I see in your eyes
Is but another way to fuel your disguise.
Dont worry my dear, I too realise
The lunacy and delirium in which Wonderland lies.
I have seen it my darling, love, dear.
It is liberating, amazing, and all was clear!
Alice, Alice, with those blood stains on your dress
Alice, Alice, you needn't hide behind that mess.
Come now dear embrace it with me,
Embrace our insanity and let us be free.
:iconsygmath:SygmaTh 3 15
Finally Redemption.
And a voice descended upon my ears, as I let guilt consumate my crime
It spoke ever so sweetly, it told me I did my time.
"My dear, my love. You have done little wrong.
The crime you've commited has lingered too long.
The fornicators and traitors which cast you to hell,
Burn now as you lie in this cell.
They say that love is the holiest of causes
And yet in it's chase, a trail of broken clauses."
I turned to my horror, to find this deep grin
And I saw in her eyes the darkness so Grim.
My benefactor, my angel, my bliss
Was a demon spawned from the abyss.
Had it come to torment me, had it come to pry,
The sins I've commited against the sly?
No, no, it had come for something more,
It had come to comfort the Devil I bore.
And this it spoke as she lay close to me.
"You have no guilt, please feel no shame, just come with me."
I stood as I once did, with nothing to lose.
And for the first time I felt my shackles were loose.
This demon that I dream and appeared in my cell,
Is the angel which'l
:iconsygmath:SygmaTh 0 2
A Maiden in the Village
There was a town, I remember, in which the dead could never be buried face up. Call it myth, superstition, plain foolishness, it was what happened regardless. The few occasions I witnessed, one of the dead being found facing the door of the sepulchre or coffin, the digger would be lynched publically by the angered mob. Now, you might find this ridiculous, but it's how it was. And it was in this town that I lived, I recall, for quite some time. In fact, although I have memories which are not of this place, I know, remember, am sure of, that I lived here all of my life.
And it was here, that I met him. Oh, and he was gorgeous. Grey hair, and yet without being old. A wrinkle, which gave him no age, but plenty of character. He was attractive, yes, much like the faint, ever so elusive wisps, glowing wisps, which sometimes were seen, so eerie and yet seductive, bordering the woods which surrounded us.
And every night, when it was dark, with real country dark, he would come visit me, for we h
:iconsygmath:SygmaTh 4 9
The Pencil
The embrace was delightful, he thought. He felt loved for once, as the master's fingers enveloped him. Through his core, all sorts of genius ideas had flowed, and were given shape. To him, did the Master owe his success. Pictures, texts, maps, everything. His was the power to create everything which he desired. But he didn't. He refused to.
He'd calmly wait for the Master's touch. He remembered when he was first picked up. He had felt scared and reluctant. No, not merely afraid, but terrified. And their first contact was painful, as he was forced down the sharpener.
He had been a pencil all his life, or so he remembered. He stood in the same shop awaiting to be picked up for several years. Not once did he speak to other pencils, not that he was ever able to. He could see, hear, but communicate? No, never without the Master. So he saw silently, people come and go. A few of them took other pencils, but him? He lingered for what seemed eternity.
One day however, something changed.
A huge
:iconsygmath:SygmaTh 9 13
Mesmeric Meditation
“Let me tell you of how I sat and meditated. How from the pitch black darkness wondrous things emerged. How I saw my role, of what I had done, the consequences of my actions, what would become. Let me tell you, show you how I sat, how everything which I have ever done has been seen and foreseen by our spiritual forefathers.
I sat and meditated in the noir caverns of the Valley of unrest, and my thoughts wandered. And I day dreamed, of illusions, delusions, visions of greatness and grandeur. And filled with dread, a terrible purpose, a mesmerist revelation exploded in my head.
And then I saw amidst the flashes of light, what no other mortal may have seen, foreseen, experienced all which has ever been. I drew out my dagger, for I knew that this moment would never again repeat itself. I took it to my stomach and my eyes here opened wide to see the realisation, the unfolding of events, happenings, meetings. I knew I was seeing what no mortal ever saw, I knew then I was being granted a
:iconsygmath:SygmaTh 0 17
The Warlord's Lesson
                                               The Warlord's Lesson
And so it came to pass that several conquests and battles were done and fought. Realms had fallen to the siege of the Immortals. Their never ending battle for dominance had brought the demise of several realms and had given them quite a vast Empire. An Empire which stretched beyond the flesh, beyond laws of the world, on to other planes, parallels and realms, subjugating previous conquerors and warlords who had sought dominion of those planes for themselves. Forcing allegiances, enforcing loyalty through fear, soon many had fallen, becoming vassals of the Immortal lords. And it happened once that in one of their many Keeps, one of these Lords sat in silence on His blackened throne, his em
:iconsygmath:SygmaTh 3 15
Persona by SygmaTh Persona :iconsygmath:SygmaTh 28 14


You're Not Alone

“Sometimes we lay aside our own troubles when we wipe away another's tears.”
By techgnotic
Is no longer alone
his life is not easy; a winding, sometimes whimsical, sometimes tragic journey that ultimately finds terminus in the same common destination for each of us. No matter the brave, fierce constructs we build and serve that would have us believe we are each one of us all alone as we make this journey, we make our way toward the end of all things side-by-side in our community of the living each day defying death.  Our paths may be wildly divergent—the way of the hungry and impoverished traveling the same timeline with the grotesquely indulgent, the very best of us side-by-side with the most evil of us; but all headed for the same fate: dust. Ever
:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 6,071 3,511
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November 21, 2012
I believe in deviantART. Which is to more accurately say I believe in the concept and the reality of the deviantART community.
When in contemplation of the eternal wellspring that is the deviantART project and how it has become the engine keeping my heart and mind on a full burn as I strive to be an upstanding member of the community as well as a helpful architect and eager participant in the conversation -- my thoughts inevitably settle upon my attempts to define my concept of Gratitude.

Marma Lisa by *HenrySchreiber
No matter your medium of choice as an artist, your artistic intentions or the mystic guiding force that has led you to this community, there is one thing all constituent members have in common:
A first step into this world consisted of a simple return to the practice of
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